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Susan L. Woodward

Full Name: Susan L. Woodward
Number of Works: 12
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ISBN: 0939923009, 9780939923007
Keywords: ohio, adena, hopewell, sites, guide, valley, mounds, middle, indian
Pages: 130
Published: 1988
  • Rating: 80%

Mounds and earthworks are the most conspicuous elements of prehistoric Native American culture to be found on the landscape of eastern North America. This book, now in its seventh printing, identifies and describes 41 extant, publicly accessible sites in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, where mounds were constructed by Adena and Hopewell peoples between 3,000 and 1,500 years ago. The book also reviews the culture, history and geography of these two mound-building groups and the face of their earthen constructions during the historic period. Access information and sources of addition
ISBN: 0313339996, 9780313339998
Keywords: biomes, grassland
Pages: 176
Published: 2008
ISBN: 0939923319, 9780939923311
Keywords: virginia, species, threatened, endangered, guide
Pages: 220
Published: 1995

A Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Virginia is an abridged and updated version of the award-winning publication Virginia's Endangered Species (1991). An introduction summarizes Virginia's natural habitats, conservation laws, and the responsibilities of the various state agencies involved in the conservation of biotic diversity in the Commonwealth. Most of the book consists of one-page descriptions and discussions of those species of plant and animal that are officially listed as endangered or threatened in Virginia. A beautiful color photograph and map of occurrence is provided fo
ISBN: 0313319774, 9780313319778
Keywords: human, dominated, aquatic, terrestrial, earth, biomes
Pages: 456
Published: 2003

Understanding biomes--the communities of nature that share a similar climate and plant and animal life--is key to a student's success in biology, geography, and environmental studies. This book provides a thorough and accessible description of the climate, plant and animal life, origins and human impacts, and history of the scientific exploration of every major biome in the world. Chapters on the "human-dominated" biomes--urban areas and agricultural regions--illustrate how these frequently ignored communities are also an important part of the global environment. More than 90 maps an
ISBN: 0691086451, 9780691086453
Keywords: unemployment, socialist
Pages: 464
Published: 1995

In the first political analysis of unemployment in a socialist country, Susan Woodward argues that the bloody conflicts that are destroying Yugoslavia stem not so much from ancient ethnic hatreds as from the political and social divisions created by a failed socialist program to prevent capitalist joblessness. Under Communism the concept of socialist unemployment was considered an oxymoron; when it appeared in postwar Yugoslavia, it was dismissed as illusory or as a transitory consequence of Yugoslavia's unorthodox experiments with worker-managed firms. In Woodward's view, however, it was only
ISBN: 0313340005, 9780313340000
Keywords: biomes, aquatic, freshwater
Pages: 264
Published: 2008

World: series covers the freshwater biomes that exist in wetlands, ponds and lakes, and rivers and streams, examining all aspects that define these biomes: <li> Vegetation <li> Geographical Distribution <li> Challenges posed by the environment <li> Adaptation of the plants and animals to the environment <li> Conservation efforts Maps, photos, diagrams, drawings, and tables accompany the text, as do sidebars that highlight habitats, species, and ecological relationships. The volume includes a bibliography of accessible resources for further research.
ISBN: 0939923033, 9780939923038
Keywords: sites, maine, florida, guide, coast, mounds, atlantic, indian
Pages: 162
Published: 1987

The mounds and mound-like features of the Atlantic Coast Region of the United States were built by many groups of Native Americans for various reasons over a span of some 5,000 years. This guide provides background and access information to 42 extant, publicly accessible mounds, earthworks, shell middens, stone structures, and other artificial landscape features found from Maine to Florida, including West Virginia. The book reviews the geography and chronology of the various peoples who built these features and summarizes the perception and fate of the mounds and other structures during the Hi