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Syd Mead

Full Name: Syd Mead
Number of Works: 13
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ISBN: 0929463099, 9780929463094
Keywords: sentury, mead, syd
Pages: 174
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 4062015250, 9784062015257
Keywords: mead, syd, concepts, oblagon
Pages: 168
Published: 1996
  • Rating: 100%

170 pages, with over 200 illustrations of futuristic designs and illustrations by artist Syd Mead including full color rendering for movies such as Bladerunner, 2010, Startrek;The motion Picture, as well as designs for Honda, Norweigen Carb. Cruise lines and many others. This publication is a staple for design studios in Hollywood and Detroit as well as bookshelves of Syd Mead's fans around the world.
ISBN: 1933492481, 9781933492483
Keywords: sentury, mead, syd
Pages: 176
Published: 2010
  • Rating: 100%

The long awaited next book from legendary Syd Mead has finally arrived after nine years. Loyal fans and art enthusiasts will rejoice in being able to view what Syd Mead has been imagining for nearly the past decade. Having illustrated the future for us for the past 40 years, Syd Mead continues to amaze and surprise us with his stunning pieces no matter how much of the future we have seen from the start of his career to present day. Looking through his unrivaled artwork, we still find ourselves continuously waiting for his future to be in our present. Images from countless conceptual projects
ISBN: 0929463005, 9780929463001
Keywords: one, image, studio
Pages: 38
Published: 1988
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 0929463072, 9780929463070
Keywords: boxed, kronolog
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1992
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 0825695503, 9780825695506
Keywords: sentinel
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1979
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 092946303X, 9780929463032
Keywords: image, studio
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1994
ISBN: 1930878931, 9781930878938
Keywords: mead, syd, techniques
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2006
ISBN: 4062023229, 9784062023221
Keywords: sentinel
Pages: 115
Published: 1987