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Sylvère Monod

Full Name: Sylvère Monod
Number of Works: 12
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ISBN: 2070386635, 9782070386635
Keywords: vanits, aux, foire
Pages: 1071
Published: 1848
  • Rating: 80%

pA savage but often comic indictment of a society that is rotten to the core, Bleak House is one of Charles Dickens's most ambitious novels, with a range that extends from the drawing rooms of the aristocracy to the poorest of London slums.p
ISBN: 0393959007, 9780393959000
Keywords: reactions, criticism, norton, critical, contemporary, sources, times, authoritative, text, backgrounds, hard
Pages: 448
Published: 1854
  • Rating: 60%

Dickens's widely read satirical account of the Industrial Revolution. Dickens creates the Victorian industrial city of Coketown, in northern England, and its unforgettable citizens, such as the unwavering utilitarian Thomas Gradgrind and the factory owner Josiah Bounderby, and the result is his famous critique of capitalist philosophy, the exploitative force he believed was destroying human creativity and joy. This edition includes new notes to the text.
ISBN: 2221068815, 9782221068816
Keywords: tome, forsyte, des, histoire
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1920
  • Rating: 80%

The three novels which make up The Forsyte Saga chronicle the ebbing social power of the commerical upper-middle class Forsyte family between 1886 and 1920. Soames Forsyte is the brilliantly portrayed central figure, a Victorian who outlives the age, and whose baffled passion for his beautiful but unresponsive wife Irene reverberates throughout the saga. Written with both compassion and ironic detachment, Galsworthy's masterly narrative examines not only the family's fortunes but also the wider developments within society, particularly the changing position of women in an intensely competi
ISBN: 2070400719, 9782070400713
Keywords: lothian, mid, coeur
Pages: 973
Published: 1818
  • Rating: 80%

The Heart of Mid-Lothian, set between the two Jacobite insurrections in 1736 and during the Porteous Riots, marks the peak of its author's achievement; many consider it to be Scott's national epic.
ISBN: 2746703696, 9782746703698
Keywords: fortune
Pages: 421
Published: 1990