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T.R. Fehrenbach

Full Name: T.r. Fehrenbach
Gender: Male
Hometown: San Benito, Texas
Born: 1925-01-12
Number of Works: 17
T. R. Fehrenbach, born Theodore Reed Fehrenbach on January 12, 1925 in San Benito, Texas, is an American author and former head of the Texas Historical Commission. He graduated from Princeton University in 1947, and has published at least 18 non-fiction books, including best seller Lonestar: A History of Texas and Texans and This Kind of War, about the Korean War. Although he served as a combat officer during the Korean War, his own service is not mentioned in the book. Fehrenbach has also written for Esquire, The Atlantic, The Saturday Evening Post, and The New Republic. He is known as an authority on Texas, Mexico and the Comanche people.

ISBN: 0306806282, 9780306806285
Keywords: mexico, history, blood, fire
Pages: 702
Published: 1973
  • Rating: 80%

<div>There have been many Mexicos: the country of varied terrain, of Amerindian heritage, of the Spanish Conquest, of the Revolution, and of the modern era of elections and the rule of bankers. Mexico was forged in the fires of successive civilizations, and baptized with the blood of millions, all of whom added tragic dimensions to the modern Mexican identity. T. R. Fehrenbach brilliantly delineates the contrasts and conflicts between them, unraveling the history while weaving a fascinating tapestry of beauty and brutality: the Amerindians, who wrought from the vulnerable land a great in
ISBN: 0735101663, 9780735101661
Keywords: people, destruction, comanches
Pages: 557
Published: 1974
  • Rating: 80%

Authoritative and immediate, this is the classic account of the most powerful of the American Indian tribes. T.R. Fehrenbach traces the Comanches’ rise to power, from their prehistoric origins to their domination of the high plains for more than a century until their demise in the face of Anglo-American expansion.Master horseback riders who lived in teepees and hunted bison, the Comanches were stunning orators, disciplined warriors, and the finest makers of arrows. They lived by a strict legal code and worshipped within a cosmology of magic. As he portrays the Comanche lifestyle, Fehren
ISBN: 0735101647, 9780735101647
Keywords: signed, declaration, independence, men, sacrifices, spare, heroic, greatness
Pages: 247
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 60%

Fifty six men signed the Declaration of Independence, and of those, not one recanted. "Greatness to Spare" is the story of what happened after these patriots signed that historic document. Reader Timothy Patrick Miller dramatically renders Fehrenbach's compelling account of the ordeal of 42 of the signers: men who risked all they had for the concept in which they believed -- liberty. During the terrible years from 1776 to 1782, for their defiant "treasonous act" they were hunted down, their property confiscated, and their families persecuted. You'll hear little-known
ISBN: 0517664690, 9780517664698
Keywords: salute, texas
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1988
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0874040698, 9780874040692
Keywords: texas, keys, seven
Pages: 140
Published: 1986
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0394905636, 9780394905631
Keywords: peace, war, nations, united
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1968
  • Rating: 80%