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Theodore Ziolkowski

Full Name: Theodore Ziolkowski
Number of Works: 33
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ISBN: 0231028695, 9780231028691
Keywords: hesse, hermann
Pages: 48
Published: 1964
  • Rating: 60%
ISBN: 0195336917, 9780195336917
Keywords: century, literature, art, twentieth, myth, moderns, cretan, minos
Pages: 192
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 80%

Mnos and the Moderns considers three mythological complexes that enjoyed a unique surge of interest in early twentieth-century European art and literature: Europa and the bull, the minotaur and the labyrinth, and Daedalus and Icarus. All three are situated on the island of Crete and are linked by the figure of King Minos. Drawing examples from fiction, poetry, drama, painting, sculpture, opera, and ballet, Minos and the Moderns is the first book of its kind to treat the role of the Cretan myths in the modern imagination.
ISBN: 0691015236, 9780691015231
Keywords: institutions, romanticism, german
Pages: 454
Published: 1990
  • Rating: 80%

Using an illuminating method that challenges the popular notion of Romanticism as aesthetic escapism, Theodore Ziolkowski explores five institutions--mining, law, madhouses, universities, and museums--that provide the socio-historical context for German Romantic culture. He shows how German writers and thinkers helped to shape these five institutions, all of which assumed their modern form during the Romantic period, and how these social structures in turn contributed to major literary works through image, plot, character, and theme.