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Valpy FitzGerald

Full Name: Valpy Fitzgerald
Number of Works: 9
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ISBN: 0199241872, 9780199241873
Keywords: underdevelopment, volume, war, conflict, social, consequences, economic
Pages: 280
Published: 2001

Wars, especially civil wars, are known to be one of the most potent causes of human suffering and underdevelopment. Yet economic analysis of developing countries at war is relatively rare. These volumes aim to reverse this neglect, tracing the economic and social consequences of conflict in poor countries. A major objective is to identify policies which may reduce the heavy human and economic costs. Volume One provides a general framework for understanding the economic interactions. It also provides an empirical overview of the costs of war for the worst affected countries in the 1970s and
ISBN: 1403987947, 9781403987945
Keywords: antony, series, determination, conflict, violent, globalization
Pages: 320
Published: 2006

<div>The first major comparative study of the causes and consequences of violent conflict that integrates and addresses the issue of self-determination. The authors show that with violent conflict in the developing world as the critical issue for the twenty-first century, and conflict prevention a central security problem for both the developed and developing world, self-determination movements can only be understood, and conflict prevented, in the context of global economic and cultural forces, and of local responses to them.</div>