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Walter Isaacson

Full Name: Walter Isaacson
Gender: Male
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Born: 1952-05-20
Number of Works: 16
Walter Isaacson is a writer and biographer. He lives in Washington, DC, where he is the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. He has been the Chairman and CEO of CNN and the Managing Editor of TIME. He was appointed by President Obama to be the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which runs Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and the other international broadcasts of the U.S. government. He is the author of acclaimed, best-selling biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Kissinger.

ISBN: 0743264738, 9780743264730
Keywords: universe, life, einstein
Pages: 588
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 80%

By the author of the acclaimed bestseller Benjamin Franklin, this is the first full biography of Albert Einstein since all of his papers have become available. How did his mind work? What made him a genius? Isaacson's biography shows how the imagination that distinguished his science sprang from the rebellious nature of his personality. His fascinating story, a testament to the connection between creativity and freedom, reflects the triumphs and tumults of the modern era. Based on the newly-released papers and personal letters, this book explores how an imaginative, imperti
ISBN: 1451648537, 9781451648539
Keywords: jobs, steve
Pages: 656
Published: 2011
  • Rating: 80%

From the author of the bestselling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, this is the exclusive biography of Steve Jobs. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years--as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues--Walter Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet compu
ISBN: 0684837714, 9780684837710
Keywords: world, made, friends, six, men, wise
Pages: 864
Published: 1986
  • Rating: 80%

A captivating blend of personal biography and public drama, The Wise Men introduces the original best and brightest, leaders whose outsized personalities and actions brought order to postwar chaos: Averell Harriman, the freewheeling diplomat and Roosevelt's special envoy to Churchill and Stalin; Dean Acheson, the secretary of state who was more responsible for the Truman Doctrine than Truman and for the Marshall Plan than General Marshall; George Kennan, self-cast outsider and intellectual darling of the Washington elite; Robert Lovett, assistant secretary of war, undersecretary of state,
ISBN: 0743286979, 9780743286978
Keywords: biography, kissinger
Pages: 896
Published: 1992
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0743273982, 9780743273985
Keywords: reader, franklin, benjamin
Pages: 576
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1439180644, 9781439180648
Keywords: heroes, hurricane, thinkers, creative, sketches, leaders, american
Pages: 304
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 80%

What are the roots of creativity? What makes for great leadership? How do influential people end up rippling the surface of history?In this collection of essays, Walter Isaacson reflects on the lessons to be learned from Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, and various other interesting characters he has chronicled as a biographer and journalist. The people he writes about have an awesome intelligence, in most cases, but that is not the secret of their success. They had qualities that were even m
ISBN: 0736626859, 9780736626859
Keywords: part, biography, kissinger
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 60%

Part One Of Two Parts The first full biography of Henry Kissinger explores the relationship between his complex personality and the foreign policy he pursued. It draws on extensive interviews with Kissinger, as well as 150 other sources, including Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In addition, it makes use of many of Kissinger's private papers. The result is an intimate narrative, filled with surprising revelations, that takes this century's most colorful statesman from his childhood as a persecuted Jew in Nazi Germany, through his tortured relationship with Richard Nixon, to his twilight years
ISBN: 0399128697, 9780399128691
Keywords: con, pro
Pages: 334
Published: 1983
  • Rating: 100%