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Wayne Grudem

Full Name: Wayne Grudem
Gender: Male
Born: 1948-01-01
Number of Works: 46
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ISBN: 0310286700, 9780310286707
Keywords: theology, systematic
Pages: 1296
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 80%

The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introduction to systematic theology has several distinctive features: - A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine and teaching - Clear writing, with technical terms kept to a minimum - A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today - A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect - Frequent appl
ISBN: 0310222338, 9780310222330
Keywords: doctrine, bible
Pages: 528
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 80%

How do we know the Bible is God's Word? What is sin and where did it come from? How is Jesus fully God and fully man?What are spiritual gifts? When and how will Christ return? If you've asked questions like these, then 'systematic theology' is no abstract term. It's an approach to finding answers every Christian needs to know.Bible Doctrine takes a highly commended upper-level textbook on systematic theology and makes it accessible to the average reader. Abridged from Wayne Grudem's award-winning Systematic Theology, Bible Doctrine covers the same essentials of the faith, giving you a firm gra
ISBN: 0310255996, 9780310255994
Keywords: christian, basics, beliefs, twenty
Pages: 160
Published: 2005
  • Rating: 80%

Christian Essentials Made Plain and SimpleGod doesn't call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine---that is, the church's teaching---that every Christian simply must know. Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live. If you're a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you're a more mature Christian looking for a quick brush-up on basics of the faith, Christian Beliefs is for you.This readable guide to twenty basic Christian beliefs is a condensation of Wayne Grudem's award-winning book on systematic theology, prized by pastors and
ISBN: 1581345178, 9781581345179
Keywords: business, moral, goodness, teaching, bible, glory, god
Pages: 96
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 60%

Can business glorify God? We normally think of worship, faith,evangelism, and other "spiritual" activities as glorifying to God,but business? Wayne Grudem believes that by engaging in work and business we glorify God because we are emulating God's own creative work. This book is a thoughtful guide to imitating God during interactions with customers, coworkers, employees, and other businesses.
ISBN: 1581342438, 9781581342437
Keywords: testament, new, prophecy, gift
Pages: 400
Published: 1988
  • Rating: 80%

What does the New Testament teach about the spiritual gift of prophecy? What is it? How does it function? Can evangelical Christians use it in their churches today?This updated, comprehensive work answers such questions and points the way to a renewed understanding of the gift of prophecy—an understanding that suggests how the body of Christ may enjoy one of the Holy Spirit's most edifying gifts without compromising the supremacy of Scripture."This conservative evangelical scholarly work gives a solid theological basis for further development of a practical theology of spiritual gift
ISBN: 157673840X, 9781576738405
Keywords: disputed, questions, analysis, truth, feminism, biblical, evangelical
Pages: 864
Published: 2004
  • Rating: 80%

Egalitarians, or evangelical feminists, consider men's and women's roles in the home and church to be interchangeable. In this helpful book, Bible scholar Wayne Grudem considers over a hundred egalitarian arguments and finds them contrary to the Bible. According to Grudem, the Bible teaches that God values men and women equally. However, their roles in home and church are complementary to each other, not interchangeable. Arguing against both feminism on the left and male chauvinism on the right, his carefully researched handbook is a valuable resource defending the complementarian viewpoint.Go
ISBN: 1581347340, 9781581347340
Keywords: liberalism, path, new, feminism, evangelical
Pages: 272
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

By critically examining the writings of egalitarians, Grudem shows that, while egalitarian leaders claim to be subject to Scripture in their thinking, what is increasingly evident in their actual scholarship and practice is an effective rejection of the authority of Scripture. Egalitarianism is heading toward an Adam who is neither male nor female, a Jesus whose manhood is not important, and a God who is both Father and Mother, and then maybe only Mother. The common denominator in all of this is a persistent undermining of the authority of Scripture in our lives. Grudem's conclusion i
ISBN: 0851111793, 9780851111797
Keywords: views, four, gifts, miraculous
Pages: 368
Published: 1996
  • Rating: 80%

This thought-provoking book presents the four major views of miraculous gifts today and will help Christians on every side of the miraculous gifts debate to better understand their own position and the positions of others.
ISBN: 1581344090, 9781581344097
Keywords: foundations, series, family, manhood, biblical, womanhood
Pages: 304
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 80%

For years a debate has raged over how to define true masculinity and true femininity. While there is agreement that men and women share equally in the privilege of being made in God's image, some views of manhood and womanhood blur God-given gender distinctions.Wayne Grudem assembled a team of distinguished writers to show how egalitarian views destroy God's ideal for your relationships,marriage, and life purposes. The contributors to this book include:<ul><li>John Piper, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis,Minnesota<li>Bruce A. Ware, Senior Associate Dean of