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William E. Fredeman

Full Name: William E. Fredeman
Number of Works: 11
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ISBN: 1843840316, 9781843840312
Keywords: prelude, crisis, iii, years, chelsea, dante, gabriel, rossetti, correspondence
Pages: 642
Published: 2005

The best of these letters, flowing rapidly from his pen, radiate charisma and enthusiasm, warmth and care for his friends, and a total engagement with art and literature. JULIAN TREUHERZ, BURLINGTON MAGAZINE (on I. and II. ) These years were the most tumultuous of Rossetti's life. His breakdown and attempted suicide inevitably makes the letters of this period exceptionally poignant, but the volume contains many letters relating to his life and work. Throughout most of 1871 he was writing and painting; he became, with William Morris, a co-tenant of Kelmscott Manor, bringing him close to Jane Mo
ISBN: 0859916383, 9780859916387
Keywords: rossetti, gabriel, dante, correspondence
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2010

This nine-volume edition will represent the definitive collection of extant Rossetti correspondence, an outstanding primary witness to the range of ideas and opinions that shaped Rossetti's art and poetry. The largest collection of Rossetti's letters ever to be published, it features all known surviving letters, a total of almost 5,800 to over 330 recipients, and includes 2,000 previously unpublished letters by Rossetti and selected letters to him. In addition to this, about 100 drawings taken from within letter texts are also reproduced. In its entirety the collection will give an invaluable
ISBN: 0859917940, 9780859917940
Keywords: years, prelude, crisis, chelsea, vol, dante, gabriel, rossetti, correspondence
Pages: 608
Published: 2004

Following the death of Elizabeth Siddal in 1862 and his settling in Chelsea, Rossetti entered on a period of his life -- charted in volume 3 -- that was marked by renewed activity as a painter and increased financial prosperity. The years 1868-1870 covered by volume 4 culminate in his return to writing poetry and the publication in June 1870 of his long-anticipated and widely-read Poems. However, despite the satisfaction that he could take from his standing as a painter and from the fact that he was about to establish himself as a poet, 1868-1870 were troubled years for Rossetti. Problems wit
ISBN: 184384060X, 9781843840602
Keywords: decade, kelmscott, birchington, last, rossetti, dante, gabriel, correspondence
Pages: 690
Published: 2006

Rossetti's return to Kelmscott in September 1872, following his breakdown and recovery charted in volume 5, commenced a period of artistic activity which was at its most energetic in the years 1873-1874. Because of the isolation of Kelmscott, he engaged C.A. Howell as his agent, and trusted him to find new buyers and assist in negotiations with his principal patrons. A complex character who " whirled us...in a tornado of lies", he could nevertheless sell pictures, negotiate with mercurial buyers and tolerate Rossetti's peremptory ways. We are fortunate, too, in having Rossetti's let