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Yvonne Gilbert

Full Name: Yvonne Gilbert
Gender: Female
Number of Works: 26
Also known as Anne Yvonne Gilbert

One of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators practicing today, Yvonne Gilbert’s work runs the gamut from children’s book illustrations and postage stamps to posters and record sleeves. The richness of her imagination reflects her lifelong research and interest in the quality of materials and surfaces, from the familiar glint of an embroidered cloak to the soft, unblemished skin of an infant. Her exceptional sense of composition and design, together with her attention to proportion and detail, results in truly sumptuous visual representations of both real and imaginary worlds.

Born and raised in Northumberland, England, Yvonne Gilbert studied at Newcastle College of Art and Liverpool College of Art. After lecturing full-time for 5 years Yvonne became a free-lance illustrator in 1978 since when she has worked with many of the major publishing houses and design-groups worldwide. Yvonne Gilbert now lives in Toronto, Canada.

Yvonne has designed and illustrated many books including "The Iron Wolf" by Richard Adams, "Goodnight, My Angel" by Billy Joel, "The Wild Swans" by Hans Christian Anderson and more recently contributed "Wizardology", "Pirateology" and "Spyology" for Templar Publishing. She has designed and illustrated 3 sets of stamps for the Royal Mail, her 1984 Nativity winning both the "Il Franco Bollo díor" (The Golden Stamp Award) and the "Gran Premio del'Arte Filatelica" (The World’s Most Beautiful Stamp). Yvonne’s provocative and innovative record sleeve for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s "Relax" was recently chosen by "Q" magazine to be one of "the 100 Best Record Sleeves of All Time" and termed a "Design Classic" by BBC Television.

Yvonne’s work has won many major national and international awards and her originals sell in galleries both in the UK and the USA. Her work is held in private collections including those of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret, Larry and Barbara Seeborg and Monica Seeborg.

ISBN: 0753456869, 9780753456866
Keywords: aloud, read, classics, children
Pages: 256
Published: 1993
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 0789466619, 9780789466617
Keywords: christmas, night
Pages: 96
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0061824992, 9780061824999
Keywords: princess, thirteenth
Pages: 208
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 80%

Zita is not an ordinary servant girl—she's the thirteenth daughter of a king who wanted only sons. When she was born, Zita's father banished her to the servants' quarters to work in the kitchens, where she can only communicate with her royal sisters in secret. Then, after Zita's twelfth birthday, the princesses all fall mysteriously ill. The only clue is their strangely worn and tattered shoes. With the help of her friends—Breckin the stable boy, Babette the witch, and Milek the soldier—Zita follows her bewitched sisters into a magical world of endless dancing and dreams. But so
ISBN: 0765316315, 9780765316318
Keywords: dragon, ice
Pages: 112
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 60%
ISBN: 1841481181, 9781841481180
Keywords: swans, wild
Pages: 48
Published: 1838
  • Rating: 80%

In this beautifully illustrated edition of the classic Hans Andersen fairy tale, The Wild Swans, translator Naomi Lewis tells the beautiful and soulful story of a young girl and her journey to find her lost brothers. Upon discovering that they have been transformed into swans, she sets off on a difficult journey, enduring many hardships on her quest to return them to their human form.
ISBN: 0886777321, 9780886777326
Keywords: rogues, robbers, highwaymen
Pages: 352
Published: 1997
  • Rating: 80%

Enter a sweeping world of charm, wit, and deceit with this new anthology of dashing and intriguing anti-heroes who have long been a staple of fantasy and romance fiction. Inspired by Alfred Noyes's famous poem, and spanning subjects from the strictly human to the supernatural, this book will take readers on an adventure they'll never forget.
ISBN: 0886778352, 9780886778354
Keywords: time, twice
Pages: 320
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 80%

How would Little Red Riding Hood's story play if we heard it from the viewpoint of the wolf, and what's the real scuttlebutt about the seven dwarves? Whether they're told to us as bedtime treats or viewed as Disney movies, fairy tales fuel our imagination. Now fantasy's finest indulge themselves and offer us some wonderful new versions of these treasured tales. Maybe the wolf should get to eat at least one little pig. Perhaps Cinderella was really a master schemer in her own right. Could Sleeping Beauty have had a problem with narcolepsy? Whatever readers' favorite story is, they're bound to f
ISBN: 071391341X, 9780713913415
Keywords: stories, wolf
Pages: 144
Published: 1980
  • Rating: 80%

Published in the United States as "The Unbroken Web: Stories and Fables."
ISBN: 0439553768, 9780439553766
Keywords: lullabye, angel, goodnight
Pages: 32
Published: 1990
  • Rating: 80%

In his first book for children, Grammy and Tony Award-winning performer Billy Joel expresses the deep bond between parent and child as a beautiful lullaby. This poignant bedtime book is inspired by the lyrics Billy Joel wrote to his own daughter, Alexa, when she was seven years old. It captures the quiet beauty of the father-daughter relationship as a father puts his daughter to bed and promises to always in her heart. Illustrated in lustrous pastel colors by award-winning artist Yvonne Gilbert, this book captures the same enduring emotions as the original musical performance by Billy Joel
ISBN: 1587262797, 9781587262791
Keywords: prince, frog
Pages: 32
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 60%

The Brothers Grimm as retold by Kathy-Jo Wargin and illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert. This Brothers Grimm tale of a spoiled princess finding her handsome prince by breaking a witch's spell has enchanted readers since it was written in the early 1800s. Children will delight in the princess' distaste as she shares her meal and bed with the slimy, green frog. With richly elegant illustrations, Anne Yvonne Gilbert brings Kathy-Jo Wargin's retelling of the classic to a new generation of readers.
ISBN: 0394508068, 9780394508061
Keywords: encyclopedia, fairies, illustrated, boggarts, lubbers, banshees, abbey
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1979
  • Rating: 80%

A "Who's Who" of fairyland, with entries by fairy name and additional legends, songs, and anecdotes within each entry.
ISBN: 0886778875, 9780886778873
Keywords: amazons, new
Pages: 336
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 60%

All-original tales of brave women fighting the good fight against the deadliest of foes! From modern-day shapeshifter to a daughter ready to walk the lands of death, and a devoted sister willing to face a dragon's wrath in her brother's stead, this compelling anthology features stories by Nancy Springer, Jo Clayton, Kevin T. Stein, Gary Braunbeck, and Jane Lindskold. Contents Introduction (New Amazons) • essay by Margaret Weis Sacrifices • poem by R. Davis Emrys • short story by Nancy Springer Prices • novelette by Jo Clayton Sleep with One Eye Open • short story by Linda Baker Mes