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Zoran Gajic

Full Name: Zoran Gajic
Number of Works: 9
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ISBN: 0201618540, 9780201618549
Keywords: signals, systems, dynamic, linear
Pages: 646
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 40%

This book, intended for the sophomore junior level, presents both continuous- and discrete-time linear systems and signals. Divided into three major parts: <UL> <LI>Frequency-domain approach to linear dynamic systems and signals</LI> <LI>Time-domain approach to linear dynamic systems</LI> <LI>Linear systems and signals approach to electrical engineering (digital signal processing, communications, electrical circuits, and control systems)</LI> </UL> Key Features: <UL> <LI>Flexible organization</LI> <LI>All linear system
ISBN: 0849374294, 9780849374296
Keywords: systems, applications, coupled, weakly, control, optimal
Pages: 308
Published: 2008

"Since the 1960s, weakly coupled system control has become an extensive area of research. Assembling a team of leading experts in the field, Optimal Control: Weakly Coupled Systems and Applications uncovers new research and important discoveries in this burgeoning field." "Unique in scope, the book represents a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge of both the recursive approach and the Hamiltonian approach to weakly coupled linear and bilinear optimal control systems. It devises unique powerful methods whose core results are repeated and slightly modified ove

"Highlights the Hamiltonian approach to singularly perturbed linear optimal control systems. Develops parallel algorithms in independent slow and fast time scales for solving various optimal linear control and filtering problems in standard and nonstandard singularly perturbed systems, continuous- and discrete-time, deterministic and stochastic, multimodeling structures, Kalman filtering, smapled data systems, and much more."

This text provides a comprehensive treatment of linear methods to optimal control of bilinear systems. The book advocates dynamic programming as the means to simplify and decompose required computations for the optimal control of bilinear-quadratic systems. In addition, the book examines two special classes of bilinear-quadratic control problems: namely, singularly perturbed and weakly coupled bilinear control systems. The usefulness of the presented methods to these two types of control problem is demonstrated by several real control system examples.