Eastern Books

ISBN: 0313331251, 9780313331251
Authors: Kevin C. O'connor,
Publisher: Greenwood
Keywords: culture, customs, europe, baltic, states
Pages: 300
Published: 2006-03-30
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 49.95 USD

The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are thriving after hundreds of years of German colonization, numerous wars of conquest, and demographic Russification. Their cultures have survived, perhaps through a conscious effort to sustain ......
ISBN: 0271023082, 9780271023083
Authors: Andrzej Paczkowski, jane Cave,
Publisher: Pennsylvania State Univ Pr
Keywords: occupation, freedom, poles, poland, ours, spring
Pages: 583
Published: 2003-11-01
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 52.95 USD

One can think of countries that traversed the twentieth century free from war, revolution, or social upheaval. Such countries, however, are far outnumbered by those that struggled, often constantly, with severe internal conflicts, fought in bloody wa......
ISBN: 0679744991, 9780679744993
Authors: Tina Rosenberg,
Publisher: Vintage
Keywords: ghosts, communism, europe, facing, land, haunted
Pages: 464
Published: 1996-03-19
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 17.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

The Pulitzer Prize-winning look at the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe......
ISBN: 0967996023, 9780967996028
Authors: Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, john Radzilowski, dariusz To
Publisher: Leopolis Press
Keywords: progress, work, transformation, poland
Pages: 295
Published: 2003-03-31
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 34.95 USD

This book is a collection of essays by distinguished scholars on Poland's remarkably smooth transition from Communist rule to democracy. It covers the history and politics of the transition and other areas such as literature and property restitution.......
ISBN: 0520206940, 9780520206946
Authors: Alan M. Ball,
Publisher: University Of California Press
Keywords: soviet, russia, children, abandoned, hardened, soul
Pages: 356
Published: 1996-11-06
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 26.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Warfare, epidemics, and famine left millions of Soviet children homeless during the 1920s. Many became beggars, prostitutes, and thieves, and were denizens of both secluded underworld haunts and bustling train stations. Alan Ball's study of these aba......
ISBN: 0804731810, 9780804731812
Authors: Andrew Wachtel,
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Keywords: nation, cultural, memory, present, yugoslavia, politics, literature, making, breaking
Pages: 316
Published: 1998-07-01
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 27.95 USD

This book focuses on the cultural processes by which the idea of a Yugoslav nation was developed and on the reasons that this idea ultimately failed to bind the South Slavs into a viable nation and state. The author argues that the collapse of m......
ISBN: 0521113733, 9780521113731
Authors: Donald Filtzer,
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Keywords: hygiene, living, standards, health, russia, urban, life, stalinist, hazards
Pages: 410
Published: 2010-06-14
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 110.00 USD

This is the first detailed study of the standard of living of ordinary Russians following World War II. It examines urban living conditions under the Stalinist regime with a focus on the key issues of sanitation, access to safe water supplies, person......
ISBN: 0691099952, 9780691099958
Authors: Keith Brown,
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Keywords: uncertainties, nation, macedonia, modern, question, past
Pages: 320
Published: 2003-03-17
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 30.95 USD

This book examines the relationship between national history, identity, and politics in twentieth-century Macedonia. It focuses on the reverberating power of events surrounding an armed uprising in August 1903, when a revolutionary organization ch......
ISBN: 0691004110, 9780691004112
Authors: Jeffrey Brooks,
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Keywords: revolution, cold, war, culture, public, stalin, soviet, comrade
Pages: 344
Published: 1999-11-29
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 57.50 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Thank you, our Stalin, for a happy childhood." "Thank you, dear Marshal [Stalin], for our freedom, for our children's happiness, for life." Between the Russian Revolution and the Cold War, Soviet public culture was so dominated by the power of the......
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