Popular Eastern Books

ISBN: 0195323343, 9780195323344
Authors: David Abulafia,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Usa
Keywords: mediterranean, history, human, sea
Pages: 816
Published: 2011-10-13
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 34.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%

Situated at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea has been for millenia the place where religions, economies, and political systems met, clashed, influenced and absorbed one another. David Abulafia offers a fresh perspec......
ISBN: 0307476405, 9780307476401
Authors: David Grossman,
Publisher: Vintage
Keywords: international, vintage, land
Pages: 672
Published: 2011-08-09
Category: Hebrew, Middle Eastern, World Literature, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 15.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and The Pittsburgh Post Gazette A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK Just before ......
ISBN: 0465002390, 9780465002399
Authors: Timothy Snyder,
Publisher: Basic Books
Keywords: stalin, hitler, europe, bloodlands
Pages: 544
Published: 2010-10-12
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 29.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Americans call the Second World War “The Good War.” But before it even began, America’s wartime ally Josef Stalin had killed millions of his own citizens—and kept killing them during and after the war. Before Hitler was finally defeated, he had ......
ISBN: 0451224957, 9780451224958
Authors: Gregory A. Freeman,
Publisher: Nal Trade
Keywords: mission, world, war, greatestrescue, risked, untold, story, men, forgotten
Pages: 336
Published: 2008-09-02
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 16.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Now in paperback—the “amazing”( James Bradley, New York Times bestselling author of Flags of Our Fathers) never-before-told story of the greatest escape of the Second World War.In 1944 the OSS set out to recover more than......
ISBN: 0060878134, 9780060878139
Authors: Alaa Al Aswany,
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Keywords: novel, building, yacoubian
Pages: 255
Published: 2006-08-01
Category: Arabic, Middle Eastern, World Literature, Literature & Fiction,
List Price: 13.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%

This controversial bestselling novel in the Arab world reveals the political corruption, sexual repression, religious extremism, and modern hopes of Egypt today. All manner of flawed and fragile humanity reside......
ISBN: 039333306X, 9780393333060
Authors: Diane Ackerman,
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Keywords: story, war, wife, zookeeper
Pages: 384
Published: 2008-09-17
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 14.95 USD
  • Rating: 60%

The New York Times bestseller: a true story in which the keepers of the Warsaw zoo saved hundreds of people from Nazi hands.When Germany invaded Poland, Stuka bombers devastated Warsaw—and the city's zoo along with ......
ISBN: 0374158088, 9780374158088
Authors: Max Egremont,
Publisher: Farrar, Straus And Giroux
Keywords: east, prussia, ghosts, among, land, journeys, forgotten
Pages: 384
Published: 2011-11-08
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 28.00 USD

Until the end of World War II, East Prussia was the German empire’s farthest eastern redoubt, a thriving and beautiful land on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Now it lives only in history and in myth. Since 1945, the territory has b......
ISBN: 0375405062, 9780375405068
Authors: Claudia Roden,
Publisher: Knopf
Keywords: food, eastern, middle, book, new
Pages: 528
Published: 2000-09-26
Category: Middle Eastern, Regional & International, Cooking, Food & Wine,
List Price: 35.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%

In this updated and greatly enlarged edition of her Book of Middle Eastern Food, Claudia Roden re-creates a classic. The book was originally published here in 1972 and was hailed by James Beard as "a landmark in the field of cookery"; this new......
ISBN: 1886069166, 9781886069169
Authors: Amy Novesky, belgin K. Wedman,
Publisher: Mandala Publishing
Keywords: ganesh, story, prince, elephant
Pages: 32
Published: 2004-10-20
Category: Eastern, Religions, Children's
List Price: 16.95 USD

Elephant-headed and big-bellied, mischievous and sweet, the god Ganesh is one of the most familiar faces in the world. But why does he have the head of an elephant? Set in the Himalayas in a time of gods and goddesses, Elephant Prince tells the ......
ISBN: 067973743X, 9780679737438
Authors: Isabel Fonseca,
Publisher: Vintage
Keywords: journey, gypsies, standing, bury
Pages: 336
Published: 1996-10-29
Category: Eastern, Europe, History,
List Price: 14.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Isabel Fonseca describes the four years she spent with Gypsies from Albania to Poland, listening to their stories, deciphering their taboos, and befriending their matriarchs, activists, and child prostitutes. A masterful work of personal reportage, t......
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