Tales Of Three Hemispheres By Lord Dunsany

Authors: Lord Dunsany
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Keywords: dunsany, lord, hemispheres, three, tales
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Copyrights: Public Domain

Language: English

Published in: 1920

Categorie(s):Fiction,Fantasy,Short Stories

Word count: 26,582 words (≈ about 2 hours)

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Copyright: This work is available for countries where copyright is Life+50 or in the USA (published before 1923).

Tales of Three Hemispheres is a collection of fantasy short stories by Lord Dunsany. The first edition was published in Boston by John W. Luce & Co. in November, 1919; the first British edition was published in London by T. Fisher Unwin in June, 1920.
The collection's significance in the history of fantasy…

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