Toward An Air And Space Forcenaval Aviation And The Implications For Space Power

Authors: Unknown
ISBN-10: 1585660728
ISBN-13: 9781585660728
Keywords: space, power, implications, forcenaval, air, aviation
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The Air Force and Air Force Space Command need an official implementation plan to integrate space into air operations or they might founder in this third attempt to transition to an air and space force. The historical precedent established during the integration of aviation into the US Navy from 1921 to 1941 suggests the policy areas essential to successful integration. The Air Force has initiated several excellent programs to increase the knowledge and understanding of space operations in the flying community by incorporating space capabilities and products into air operations, professional military education, and field exercises. Including space power in war games is also promoting understanding and creating an environment for innovation. The Air Force is on the verge of a bitter dispute between combat aircraft; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft; unmanned aerial vehicles; and space systems. From this debate, the Air Force must establish priorities. While space operations officers have earned the highest ranks in the Air Force, they are underrepresented in the command positions. Providing opportunities for space operators to experience air operations will cultivate aerospace officers to employ the aerospace force. The Air Force can benefit from this historical analogy by recognizing that integration is more than the acquisition of weapons and combat capabilities. Integration relies on a powerful human component that will ultimately determine the success or failure of the endeavor.

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