Csat Occasional Paper No. 66, Resurgent Russia In 2030challenge For The Usaf

Authors: Col Theodore C. Hailes
Source: aupress.au.af.mil
Keywords: 2030challenge, usaf, russia, resurgent, occasional, paper, csat
Copyrights: Copyrighted
This monograph is concerned with the direction Russia will take over the next 20 years, its growing influence on the world scene, and the particular challenges it will present to the United States by 2030. The determination that Russia will be an adversary is certainly not a foregone conclusion; however, neither is long-term Russo–American friendship a predetermined outcome. What is certain is that whatever the intentions of Russia, the United States must be prepared to handle the challenges they may present. Further, the typical Department of Defense (DOD) myopia of focusing primarily on the war of the present may be blinding decision makers to the challenges of tomorrow.

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