The Joss Newsletter : January 1971 - June 1971

Authors: J. Allardice
Keywords: june, january, newsletter, joss
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A final compilation of 44 issues of the [JOSS Newsletter], which has been issued monthly since November 1967 to users of JOSS, RAND's interactive, time-shared computer system designed for the solution of small numerical problems.Although the [Newsletter] has been discontinued, the JOSS system will continue to be used until renovation is no longer practical.A final version of the JOSS Program Library Catalog was issued in March 1971. Although no more JOSS programs will be abstracted, the read-only protection of the library files will still be available for JOSS programs offered to other users in RAND documentation or by personal communication.This final edition of the [Newsletter] replaces previous editions of P-3940.

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  • Year: 1971

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