Using Computer-based Technologies In Organizations : A Research Prospectus — Institute For Interactive Information Environments

Author: Tora K. Bikson, Rick Eden, T. M. Lodahl, Nina L. Shapiro, Cathleen Stasz
Keywords: research, prospectus, mdas, organizations, technologies, computer, based, using
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This Note presents the prospectus for The Institute for Interactive Information Environments (IIIE), a research consortium to be established by RAND. The mission of the IIIE is to improve understanding of the implementation of advanced information technology in organizational settings. Its research agenda includes three areas: (1) development of an implementation paradigm; (2) identification of impacts on organizational, group, and individual performance; and (3) projection of information environments for the 1990s. Major proposed products include a conceptual framework for understanding and guiding implementation processes, a new taxonomy of information objects, alternatives for redesigning jobs and workgroups, and assessment of standards and regulatory policies. IIIE research projects will make use of various methods, including field implementation research, conceptual development, policy analysis, modeling and simulation, prototype development, and experimentation.

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