Simulation Model Of Fire Department Operations : Program Description

Authors: Grace M. Carter
Keywords: program, description, operations, department, model, fire, simulation
Copyrights: Copyrighted
Programmer's guide to the fire department simulation used in New York to study the effects of changes in number and/or location of fire companies and the rules for dispatching and deploying them.Policies can be compared in terms of delays, workload on individual fire-fighting units, and coverage provided.Programmed in short subroutines to be easily modifiable, the model consists of three self-contained phases:(1) an incident generator, written in SIMSCRIPT I.5, that can be omitted when simulating specific actual incidents; (2) the actual simulation, mostly in SIMSCRIPT I.5; and (3) a postsimulation analysis, in FORTRAN.Processing 78 coverage samples or 11 alarms takes one CPU second on the IBM 360/65.Core requirements vary with size and detail; the sample shown used 212K of storage to simulate 24 units and summarize their responses in 24 classes.Flowcharts, program listings, and sample data decks and outputs are given.(See also R-1188/1.)

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