Interim Evaluation Of The Public Health Programme 2003-2008 : Final Report

Author: Wija J. Oortwijn, Tom Ling, Judith Mathijssen, Maureen Lankhuizen, Amanda Watt, Christian Van Stolk, Jonathan Cave
Keywords: final, report, programme, health, evaluation, public, interim
Copyrights: Copyrighted
The Public Health Programme of the European Commission aims to contribute to improved health in Europe through disease prevention and reducing risks to health, through research, building networks, coordinating health activities and sharing expertise. It must adhere to an interim evaluation before its session ends in order to learn from its past and improve techniques in the future. This evaluation was completed by RAND Europe. This report recommends an improved system of monitoring and priority setting to secure greater synergies across the Programme and between the Programme and other health-related activities at the European level. This would require developments in the management of Programme activities.

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  • Document Number: TR-460-EC
  • Year: 2007

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