Complex Trauma Research In The Uk : A Rapid Review Of The Funding Landscape

Authors: Molly Morgan Jones, Jonathan Grant
Keywords: funding, landscape, review, rapid, trauma, research, complex
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At the request of the English Department of Health, a rapid review of research funding in the field of complex trauma in the UK is needed. The information gathered will feed into ongoing strategic discussions between DH and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). RAND Europe will map the research landscape in the UK, with a focus on areas of excellence and the nature of funding (public and private), conduct a series of interviews with leading experts, and undertake a strategic assessment of the wider state of research in this area. A brief assessment of the international landscape will also be provided to assist in the identification of gaps and overlaps. The report draws several conclusions, the most notable of which is that complex trauma research is arguably a 'niche' and 'orphan' area of research in the UK with approximately £15m of funding per annum. The UK lacks capacity and capability in several areas of complex trauma research, though individual research fields sectors within complex trauma (i.e. regenerative medicine or orthopaedic research) are strong. Complex trauma research in the UK could benefit from better integration between military and civilian sectors to maximise synergies and research strengths in each.

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