Federal Revenue Sharing : Variations On The Theme ''inner City Blues''

Authors: Nicelma J. King
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Keywords: inner, city, blues, theme, variations, revenue, sharing, federal
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Examines the probable impact of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972 on the black community.Revenue sharing appears to spell the death of Federal domestic aid programs.The Act and its accompanying [Revenue Sharing Regulations] lack clear, specific, detailed antidiscrimination requirements and teeth for obtaining compliance.The vagueness of the antidiscrimination provisions contrasts with the spelling out of accounting and auditing procedures or the rate of pay for construction workers.Moreover, allowable uses of the revenue sharing monies do not include services to children and youth, education, employment/manpower programs, and housing — all major urban problems.Localities are free to spend all their federal revenue sharing funds on recreational, environmental, or capital improvements projects affecting only nonpoor and nonminority publics.Minorities can no longer rely on federal policies to be sure of getting their fair share, but must develop skills for influencing state and local decisionmaking.

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