Airpower And Security In Nato's Southern Region : Alternative Concepts For A Usaf Facility At Crotone

Authors: Ian O. Lesser, Kevin N. Lewis
ISBN-10: 083301871X
ISBN-13: 9780833018717
Keywords: alternative, concepts, usa, region, southern, security, nato, airpower
Copyrights: Copyrighted
This Note examines the potential roles and costs of Crotone Air Base in southern Italy in the context of the changing world security environment. It provides a summary of issues to stimulate new thinking on U.S. security interests and the role of airpower in the Mediterranean region and adjacent areas. The authors suggest that Crotone can serve as an important prototype for future U.S. deployment options and other cooperation schemes (both joint and combined). They summarize these points first in terms of the short-run issues of constructing the base and then with regard to the longer-term possibilities for its use. In both cases, the authors consider the costs and benefits of alternatives to the current basing scheme, from an "austere" Crotone to a more ambitious concept for the installation.

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  • Year: 1991

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