Southern Region Perspectives On Security And International Affairs

Authors: Ian O. Lesser
ISBN-10: 0833018744
ISBN-13: 9780833018748
Keywords: international, affairs, security, perspectives, region, southern
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This Note summarizes discussions with senior government officials, military officers, parliamentarians, and academics in the five NATO Southern Region countries — Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey — held in April and May of 1990; it concentrates on political-military issues. The author identifies some areas of common interest and concern that can be observed across the region: (1) the Mediterranean is emerging as a center of residual (post-Cold War) security concerns; (2) the importance of the Mediterranean to the security of Europe as a whole is growing; (3) the link between the arms-control process in Europe and enhanced security is least automatic in the Southern Region; (4) the U.S. presence in the Mediterranean (and the Atlantic approaches) continues to be seen as important, particularly in the current climate of uncertainty in Europe; and (5) there is a clear and continuing evolution toward a more "European" view across the Southern Region, with important implications for relations with the United States.

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