An Annotated Bibliography Of The Open Literature On Deception

Authors: Zell Stanley
Keywords: deception, literature, open, bibliography, annotated
Copyrights: Copyrighted
Deception--its significance in peacetime, in war, and in war avoidance--and how to counter deception are topics of a widening public literature. This bibliography of open literature on deception in the English language is divided into twelve sections: (1) arms control and deception; (2) behavior of targets of deception; (3) bibliographies on deception; (4) China:military and political deception; (5) countering deception; (6) general deception studies; (7) historical studies; (8) human deception; (9) interspecies deception; (10) surprise attack and deception; (11) Soviet military deception; and (12) Soviet political deception. The volume includes an index of authors.

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  • Year: 1985

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