The Rand Video Graphic System — An Approach To A General User-computer Graphic Communication System

Authors: K. Uncapher
Keywords: general, user, computer, gra, approach, mdash, video, graphic, system, rand
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A report prepared for the AGARD Avionics Panel Technical Symposium on Data Handling Devices, Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-4, 1970. Cathode-ray-tube graphic displays offer one of the most powerful and useful man-machine communication paths. The Rand Video Graphic System offers one implementation. It serves 32 consoles; each has a full range of interaction and full graphics, and accommodates up to 8 different input devices. Each console serves as the general graphic terminal for all the user's computer-based needs. The user can access several computers from any terminal. The system is based on the use of an 873-line TV monitor in each terminal. Scan conversion and buffered storage are centralized to improve performance and reduce cost. The report describes system components, operating environment, hardware and software, consoles, and reliability and performance.An all-digital approach to the video system is now being designed at Rand.

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