Applied Biomedical Engineering

Authors: Gaetano D. Gargiulo, Co-editor: Alistair Mcewan
ISBN-10: 9533072563
ISBN-13: 9789533072562
Keywords: engineering, biomedical, applied
Copyrights: Creative Commons
Edited by: Gaetano D. Gargiulo, Co-editor: Alistair McEwan

ISBN 978-953-307-256-2, Hard cover, 500 pages
Publisher: InTech
Publication date: August 2011
Subject: Biomedical Engineering

This book presents a collection of recent and extended academic works in selected topics of biomedical technology, biomedical instrumentations, biomedical signal processing and bio-imaging. This wide range of topics provide a valuable update to researchers in the multidisciplinary area of biomedical engineering and an interesting introduction for engineers new to the area. The techniques covered include modelling, experimentation and discussion with the application areas ranging from bio-sensors development to neurophysiology, telemedicine and biomedical signal classification.