Berg Water Project:communications Practices For Governance And Sustainability Improvement

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ISBN-10: 0821384147
ISBN-13: 9780821384145
Keywords: governance, sustainability, practices, communications, water, project, berg
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World Bank Working Papers 199
English; Paperback; 232 pages; 7x10
Published July 8, 2010 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-8414-5; SKU: 18414
The past decade has witnessed a major global shift in thinking aboutwater, including the role that water infrastructure plays insustainable development. This rethinking aims to balance better thesocial, economic, and environmental performance aspects in thedevelopment and management of large dams. Infrastructure strategiesmust complement strategies for water, environment, and energy securityand for emerging concerns to reduce vulnerability in water resourcesystems to climate change on the horizon.Communication is central to multi-stakeholder dialogue andpartnerships at all levels needed to achieve sustainability andgovernance reform in water resource management and infrastructureprovision. At the same time, communication drives the advocacy tomobilize political will and public support for beneficial change andcontinuous improvement in practices.This case study emphasizes that is not only important to mobilizeall opportunities to reconcile water demand and supply in river basinsthat are coming under increasing levels of water stress, but also tointegrate effectively governance and anti-corruption reforms andsustainability improvements into all stages of the planning and projectcycle—adding value for stakeholders.

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