The Ibnet Water Supply And Sanitation Performance Blue Book:the International Benchmarking Network For Water And Sanitation Utilities Databook

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ISBN-10: 0821385828
ISBN-13: 9780821385821
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English; Paperback; 172 pages; 7x10
Published December 23, 2010 by World Bank
ISBN: 978-0-8213-8582-1; SKU: 18582
This Blue Book of the International Network of Water and sanitationUtilities (IBNET) is designed to raise awareness of how benchmarkingand specifically IBNET tools can help enhance utility performance andthereby help to improve urban water and wastewater services. As thelargest public water sector performance database IBNET providescomparative information on utilities’ cost and performanceindicators. IBNET set and implemented the first global benchmarkingstandard for the water and wastewater sector. Since its establishmentin 1996, the IBNET program has grown into the largest publiclyavailable water sector performance mechanism that collects, analysesand provides access to the information of more than 2,500 water andwastewater services providers from 110 countries around the world.IBNET serves the interests of many. Utilities can use IBNET tools toidentify areas of improvement and set realistic targets; governmentscan use it to monitor and adjust sector policies and programs, whileregulators can use it to ensure that adequate incentives are providedto improve utility performance while consumers get value for money;consumers and civil society can use it to exercise, where necessary,valid concerns about service provision; international agencies andadvisers can evaluate the performance of utilities for lending andclient advice; and private investors can identify opportunities andviable markets for investments.

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