Disability In America: Toward A National Agenda For Prevention

Author: andrew M. Pope, alvin R. Tarlov, editors; Committee On A National Agenda For The Prevention Of Disabilities, institute Of Medicine
Source: www.nap.edu
ISBN-10: 0309043786
ISBN-13: 9780309043786
Keywords: prevention, agenda, national, america, disability
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Disability in America presents a five-prong strategy for reducing the incidence and prevalence of disability as well as its personal, social, and economic consequences. Although the preferred goal is to avoid potentially disabling conditions, the authoring committee focuses on the need to prevent or reverse the progression that leads to disability and reduced quality of life in persons with potentially disabling conditions.Calling for a coherent national program to focus on prevention, the committee sets forth specific recommendations for federal agencies, state and local programs, and the private sector. This comprehensive agenda addresses the need for improved methods for collecting disability data, specific research questions, directions for university training, reform in insurance coverage, prenatal care, vocational training, and a host of other arenas for action.

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