Defense Acquisitions: Measuring The Value Of Dod?s Weapon Programs Requires Starting With Realistic Baselines : Congressional Testimony

Authors: Michael J. Sullivan
ISBN-10: 1437914748
ISBN-13: 9781437914740
Keywords: programs, requires, star, weapon, dod, acquisitions, measuring, value, defense
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Pages: 22
In 2006, the cumulative cost growth in DoD?s portfolio of 96 major defense acquisition programs was $296 billion and the average delay in delivering promised capabilities to the warfighter was 22 months. These are very poor outcomes. The auditor has used metrics to review the mgmt. and health of these programs from within the framework of best practices. This testimony discusses: (1) ?knowledge metrics,? used to determine how well programs manage tech., design, and manufacturing risks; (2) outcome metrics -- concerning cost, schedule, and capability -- that serve as ?health indicators? of how well programs are being executed in terms of predicted outcomes; and (3) the prerequisites that must be met in order for a program?s plans and goals to be realistic.

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