A Review Of Icitap's Screening Procedures For Contractors Sent To Iraq As Correctional Advisors

Authors: Barry Leonard
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Keywords: iraq, correc, contractors, procedures, icitap, screening, review
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The Internat. Criminal Investigative Train. Assist. Prog. (ICITAP) within the DoJ provides training for foreign law enforce. agencies in new & emerging democracies & assists in the development of police forces relating to international peacekeeping operations. In 2003, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, ICITAP established a program through which it provided subcontractor advisors & trainers to assist with the reconstruction & development of the Iraqi police & prison systems. This report reviews the recruitment, screening, & selection of the 4 ICITAP corrections advisors, as well as the 4 other corrections advisors who served with them in Iraq. Also examines the policies & procedures for conducting background invest. on ICITAP subcontractors. Illus.

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