Fishery Statistics : Aquaculture Production

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ISBN-10: 925005338X
ISBN-13: 9789250053387
Keywords: production, aquaculture, statistics, fishery
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Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Published Time: Food & Agriculture Org.
Pages: 214
The FAO Yearbook of Fishery Statistics: Aquaculture Production is a compilation of statistics on world production of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic animals and plants produced from all culture practices. The data were formerly published yearly in the FAO Fishery Circular No. 815 (and following revisions up to No. 11). The statistics, in quantity and value, are presented by country or territory, species, culture environment and year, and for various aggregations. In order to provide complete coverage of aquaculture production statistics throughout the world, where officially reported national statistics are lacking or are considered unreliable, FAO makes estimates based on the best information available. FAO gratefully acknowledges cooperation received from national authorities and others providing statistics and information, and welcomes comments, suggestions and additional information from users of the statistics. Book jacket.

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