Economic Guidelines For Strategic Planning Of Tsetse And Trypanosomiasis Control In West Africa

Authors: A. P. M. Shaw
ISBN-10: 9251050066
ISBN-13: 9789251050064
Keywords: trypanosomiasis, control, tsetse, planning, guidelines, strategic, economic
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Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Published Time: Food & Agriculture Org.
Pages: 92
The presence of tsetse and trypanosomiasis (TandT) in vast areas of sub-Saharan Africa is a major constraint to livestock-agricultural development. However, the impact of the disease varies within and between countries, regions and agro-ecological zones. Therefore, prior to any intervention it is essential to evaluate the profitability of different approaches towards controlling the vector and/or the disease in each individual project or zone. This paper looks at the main methodological issues involved in the economic assessment of area-wide TandT control programmes, with particular reference to West Africa. The dynamics of benefits and costs over time have been examined, especially in relation to the densities of human and cattle populations. A conceptual model shows tsetse control costs falling with rising human populations. Benefits however initially rise and then peak when mixed farming is established but the tsetse challenge perists. The economic analysis developed is used to characterize types of situations in West Africa where tsetse control is likely to be economically profitable and those where long-term area-wide projects are not likely to show good returns.

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