The Development Of Programme Strategies For Integration Of Hiv, Food And Nutrition Activities In Refugee Settings

Authors: Ellen Mathys Kirkcaldy
ISBN-10: 9291735159
ISBN-13: 9789291735150
Keywords: food, nutriti, hiv, integration, programme, strategies, development
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Publisher: World Health Organization
Published Time: World Health Organization
Pages: 38
In 2003, UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF launched a joint effort to develop, through multi-site field research in refugee communities in Africa, a set of strategies for using food and nutrition-based interventions to support HIV transmission prevention, impact mitigation, and care, treatment and support for people living with HIV. This important collaborative initiative grew out of the recognition that refugee settings are unique. It was recognized also that specific research is required to be conducted among and with refugees. This Best Practice document discusses the research process and findings of this interagency initiative.

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