Africa¿s Irregular Security Threats : Challenges For U. S. Engagement

Authors: Andre Le Sage
ISBN-10: 1437934463
ISBN-13: 9781437934465
Keywords: challenges, engagement, threats, security, irregular, africaa
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Publisher: DIANE Publishing
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Pages: 12
The U.S. has a growing strategic interest in Africa at a time when the security landscape there is dominated by a wide range of irregular, nonstate threats. Organized criminal activities, particularly kidnapping, human smuggling and trafficking in persons, weapons smuggling, and environmental and financial crimes, are increasingly brazen and destructive. This paper provides an overview of Africa¿s irregular, nonstate threats, followed by an analysis of their strategic implications for regional peace and stability, as well as the national security interests of the U.S. The conclusion highlights a number of new and innovative tools that can be used to build political will on the continent to confront these security challenges. Map.

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