Federal Grand Jury

Authors: Charles Doyle
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ISBN-10: 1437938086
ISBN-13: 9781437938081
Keywords: jury, grand, federal
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Publisher: DIANE Publishing
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Pages: 56
The federal grand jury exists to investigate crimes against the U.S. and to secure the constitutional right of grand jury indictment. Its responsibilities require broad powers. It is an arm of the U.S. District Court which summons it, upon whose process it relies, and which will receive any indictments it returns. Contents of this report: Introduction; Background; Organizational Matters; Jurisdiction; Selection; Tenure; Proceedings Before the Grand Jury; Grand Jury and the Prosecutor; Subpoenas: Common Law Privileges; Constitutional Privileges; Statutory and Other Limitations of Grand Jury Subpoena Authority; Secrecy: Disclosure; Enforcement of Grand Jury Secrecy; Final Grand Jury Action; Indictment; Refusal to Indict; Reports; Discharge.

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