Good Practice Guidelines For Agricultural Leasing Arrangements

Authors: N. Ravenscroft
ISBN-10: 9251046670
ISBN-13: 9789251046678
Keywords: arrangements, leasing, agricultural, guidelines, practice
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Copyrights: General Copyright
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Published Time: Food & Agriculture Org.
Pages: 80
The information in this booklet is designed to assist governments and civil society in understanding how agricultural leasing and related agreements work, and what the advantages are of providing an appropriate framework for equitable arrangements that balance the interests of the parties involved - generally the tenant and the landowner. The guidelines therefore deal with the contextual and policy issues surrounding agricultural leasing, but also focus on providing a practical and up-to-date guide and commentary on those issues that need to be considered by both landlord and tenant when negotiating over the leasing of agricultural land.

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