Designing For Education : Compendium Of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011

Authors: Oecd
ISBN-10: 9264112294
ISBN-13: 9789264112292
Keywords: educational, facilities, exemplary, compendium, education, designing
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Publisher: OECD Publishing
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Pages: 259

Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011 showcases over 60 recently built or refurbished educational facilities from 28 countries. Collectively, these projects demonstrate state-of-the-art design in this field and each one is lavishly illustrated with colour photos, plans and descriptions.


Part One: Meeting the needs of education

Chapter 1: OECD looking back over 50 years of educational buildings
Chapter 2: Learning environments for the 21st century
Chapter 3: Transforming spaces for learning
Chapter 4: School building rehabilitation: thinking strategically towards excellence

Part Two: Exemplary educational facilities

Chapter 5: Introduction to exemplars
Chapter 6: Commendations
Chapter 7: Multiple levels
Chapter 8: Pre-primary and primary level
Chapter 9: Secondary level
Chapter 10: Tertiary level

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