Design, Operation And Training Manual For An Intensive Culture Shrimp Hatchery

Authors: Granvil D. Treece
ISBN-10: 0788180142
ISBN-13: 9780788180149
Keywords: culture, shrimp, hatchery, intensive, manual, operation, training, design
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Copyrights: General Copyright
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Published Time: DIANE Publishing
Pages: 204
Covers two species Penaeus monodon & Penaeus vannamei. It is organized into three main parts (Design, Operation, & Training). The design part focuses on two hatcheries & gives detailed plans of their construction as well as other options. The operation portion of the manual details the procedures for most efficient operation of a specific hatchery. This manual consists of compiled, presently known information important for training new personnel. Contains enough detail to provide the newcomer with knowledge to run a hatchery & provides details to assist the experienced hatchery manager. Illustrated.

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