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ISBN: 0230252397, 9780230252394
Author: Lonkila, Markku
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Keywords: economy, market, russian, networks
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Author(s):Lonkila, MarkkuPublisher:Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, and New York, USAPublished:2010Subjects:Economics, finance, business and management, Business and management, Business communication and presentationComputing and information technology, Computer networking and communicationsEconomics, finance, business and management, Economics, Economic systems and structuresAbstract:I......
ISBN: 0230252397, 9780230252394
Author: Marrku Lonkila
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Keywords: economy, market, russian, networks
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Publisher: Palgrave MacmillanPublished Time: Palgrave MacmillanPages: 198This book examines the significance of networks among the firms operative in the contemporary Russian software industry in the St. Petersburg region. It focuses on the kind of resources that are transmitted through the personal networks of Russian business managers and directors.......
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