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Authors: Ruth Levitt, Stijn Hoorens, Michael Hallsworth, Jennifer Rubin, Lisa Klautzer
Source: www.rand.org
Keywords: scientific, food, committees, final, report, non, protection, directorate, evaluation, general, health, consumer, intermediate
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This report analyzes the findings of an intermediate evaluation of the three non-food scientific committees at the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO). These committees provide the commission with scientific advice to prepare policy and proposals in the areas of consumer safety, public health and the environment. This report assesses that advice, g......
ISBN: 0309102979, 9780309102971
Authors: Committee To Review Nasa's Space Communications Program, National Research Council
Source: www.nap.edu
Keywords: space, mission, directorate, operations, program, communications, review, nasa
Copyrights: Copyrighted

The Space Communications Office (SCO) at NASA has two primary roles.The first is to manage two of the communications networks that enable spaceflight operations and research, and the second is to integrate agency-wide telecommunications issues.In 2005, NASA asked the NRC to review the effectiveness of the SCO in carrying out its responsibilities by assessing the overall quality of the space commun......
Authors: Committee On Review Of Nasa Science Mission Directorate Science Plan, National Research Council
Source: www.nap.edu
Keywords: science, plan, letter, report, draft, smd, mission, directorate, review
Copyrights: Copyrighted

In response to the 2005 NASA Authorization Act and to provide a strategy document t to guide implementation of the 2006 NASA Strategic Plan in the areas of Earth and space science, the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) prepared a 2006 draft science plan.To help guide the SMD as it completes this effort, NASA asked the NRC to review the draft science plan.This letter report provides general observa......
ISBN: 9290391952, 9789290391951
Author: Iica-costa Rica
Source: www.ebookdb.org
Keywords: diproe, evaluation, programming, directorate
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Publisher: IICA Biblioteca VenezuelaPublished Time: IICA Biblioteca VenezuelaPages: 32......
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