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ISBN: 0309096162, 9780309096164
Authors: Committee On The Options For Overseas Placement Of U.s Health Professionals, Fitzhugh Mullan, Claire Panosian, Patricia Cuff, editors
Source: www.nap.edu
Keywords: crisis, hiv, aids, resource, human, abroad, americans, responding, healers
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Healers Abroad:Americans Responding to the Human Resource Crisis in HIV/AIDS calls for the federal government to create and fund the United States Global Health Service (GHS) to mobilize the nation s best health care professionals and other highly skilled experts to help combat HIV/AIDS in hard-hit African, Caribbean, and Southeast Asian countries. The dearth of qualified health care workers in ma......
ISBN: 9067183822, 9789067183826
Author: Hesselink, Liesbeth
Source: www.oapen.org
Keywords: dutch, east, indies, midwives, doctors, colonial, market, native, healers
Copyrights: Creative Commons

Author(s):Hesselink, LiesbethPublisher:KITLV PressPublished:2011Subjects:HumanitiesAbstract:Healers on the colonial market is one of the few studies on theDutch East Indies from a postcolonial perspective. It provides anenthralling addition to research on both the history of the DutchEast Indies and the history of colonial medicine. This book will beof interest to historians, historians of science......
Authors: Andrew Osta, Friends
Source: www.smashwords.com
Keywords: free, sample, story, ayahuasca, healers, untold, shamans
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Rating:Not yet rated.Published: April 19, 2011Category: Non-Fiction»Biography»Autobiographies & MemoirsCategory: Non-Fiction»Religion and Spirituality»Spiritual awakeningWords: 22400 (approximate)Language: EnglishEbook Short DescriptionThe Amazon rainforest of Peru holds many secrets. There, magic is still alive, the impossible happens, and spirits freely interact with huma......
ISBN: 9291733423, 9789291733422
Author: Unaids
Source: www.ebookdb.org
Keywords: suggestions, africa, programme, managers, workers, field, saharan, sub, healers, traditional, hiv, prevention, care, collaborating
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Publisher: World Health OrganizationPublished Time: World Health OrganizationPages: 59Previous collaborative initiatives with traditional healers in Africa have described case studies and outlined their successes and failures. This document illustrates with clearly defined steps how successful collaborative initiatives have accomplished their objectives, and how the lessons learnt can be put to us......
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