Applied Statistics For Engineers And Scientists: Using Microsoft Excel & Minitab

Author: David M. Levine, Patricia P. Ramsey, Robert K. Smidt
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: excel, microsoft, using, statistics, engineers, scientists, applied
Pages: 714
Published: 2000-09-18
Language: English
Category: Methodology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computers & Internet,
ISBN-10: 0134888014     ISBN-13: 9780134888019
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 86.67 USD

This applied book for engineers and scientists, written in a non-theoretical manner, focuses on underlying principles that are important in a wide range of disciplines. It emphasizes the interpretation of results, the presentation and evaluation of assumptions, and the discussion of what should be done if the assumptions are violated. Integration of spreadsheet and statistical software complete this treatment of statistics. Chapter topics include describing and summarizing data; probability and discrete probability distributions; continuous probability distributions and sampling distributions; process control charts; estimation procedures; hypothesis testing; the design of experiments; and simple linear and multiple regression models. For individuals interested in learning statistics—without a high level of mathematical sophistication.

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