Search Engines: Information Retrieval In Practice

Author: Bruce Croft, Donald Metzler, Trevor Strohman,
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Keywords: practice, retrieval, information, engines, search
Pages: 552
Published: 2009-02-16
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0136072240     ISBN-13: 9780136072249
Binding: Hardcover (1)
List Price: 105.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice is ideal for introductory information retrieval courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in computer science, information science and computer engineering departments. It is also a valuable tool for search engine and information retrieval professionals.


Written by a leader in the field of information retrieval, Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice, is designed to give undergraduate students the understanding and tools they need to evaluate, compare and modify search engines.  Coverage of the underlying IR and mathematical models reinforce key concepts. The book’s numerous programming exercises make extensive use of Galago, a Java-based open source search engine.

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