Introduction To Electric Circuits, Ninth Edition

Author: Herbert W. Jackson, Dale Temple, Brian E. Kelly,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: ninth, circuits, electric, introduction
Pages: 1056
Published: 2012-05-01
Language: English
Category: Engineering, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 0195438132     ISBN-13: 9780195438130
Binding: Hardcover (9)
List Price: 149.99 USD
First published in 1959, Herbert Jackson's Introduction to Electric Circuits is a core text for introductory circuit analysis courses taught in electronics and electrical engineering technology programs. Praised for its clarity and accessibility and its comprehensive problem sets, the text set the standard for introductory circuit texts in Canada and was for many years the bestselling book of its kind before it fell out of favour with Prentice Hall. Oxford bought the rights to the book in 2005 and gave it a massive redesign, enlisting two experienced instructors to add significant new material and bring it up to twenty-first-century standards. This new edition builds on that extensive revision with an entirely new chapter on filters, extensive new coverage of AC and DC motors and generators, and an introduction to Multisim circuit simulation software, complete with related examples and exercises and 150 circuit diagrams on an accompanying CD. The new edition also features more circuit diagrams, more photographs, boxed discussions of practical applications, and abundant new exercises throughout every chapter.

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