How To Play Guitar: Everything You Need To Know To Play The Guitar

Authors: Roger Evans
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Keywords: play, guitar, need, everything
Pages: 128
Published: 2001-12-10
Language: English
Category: Instruments & Performers, Music, Entertainment,
ISBN-10: 0312287062     ISBN-13: 9780312287061
Binding: Paperback (Revised)
List Price: 11.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
In How to Play Guitar guitar players of all levels will find a wealth of instruction and inspiration. Whether you want to play pop, folk, country, rock, blues, jazz, classical, or any other style of music, you will pick up the basic techniques without tedious drills and exercises. Using real music and a step-by-step approach, How to Play Guitar will teach you about:

· Choosing and buying a guitar
· Tuning your instrument correctly
· Reading sheet music, guitar music, and tablature
· Playing melodies with chords
· Fingerpicking
· Mastering left-hand techniques, including sliding and bending notes
· Transposing melodies from one key to another and much more.

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