First Peoples: A Documentary Survey Of American Indian History

Authors: Colin G. Calloway
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Keywords: indian, history, american, survey, peoples, documentary, first
Pages: 768
Published: 2011-08-23
Language: English
Category: Native American, Americas, History,
ISBN-10: 031265362X     ISBN-13: 9780312653620
Binding: Paperback (Fourth Edition)
List Price: Unknown
  • Rating: 80%
First Peoples’ distinctive approach continues to make it the bestselling and most highly acclaimed text for the American Indian history survey. Respected scholar Colin G. Calloway provides a solid foundation grounded in timely scholarship and a narrative that brings a largely untold history to students. The signature “docutext” format of First Peoples strikes the ideal balance, combining in every chapter a compelling narrative and rich written and visual documents from Native and non-Native voices alike. An expansion by two full chapters presents a more diverse and nuanced picture of the history of Native peoples in America.

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