Review Questions For The NCLEXRN Examination

Author: Dolores F. Saxton, Patricia M. Nugent, Phyllis K. Pe
Publisher: Mosby
Keywords: examination, nclexrn, questions, review
Pages: 768
Published: 2004-07-15
Language: English
Category: Reviews & Study Guides, Nursing, Medical
ISBN-10: 0323024688     ISBN-13: 9780323024686
Binding: Paperback (5)
List Price: 37.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 5th Edition provides students with over 5,000 practice test questions in both the pencil-and-paper and electronic testing modes. The questions are designed to provide a self-study method for students to assess their nursing knowledge and their strengths and weaknesses in the test-taking process. The questions are grouped by several different categories to meet different learning needs, from specific categories of concern to broader clinical areas to comprehensive mixed exams. The exams parallel the latest NCLEX-RN test plan and include examples of the new alternate item formats. A CD-ROM packaged with the text gives students practice with a computerized testing format.
  • BOOK
    • Assigns a new Critical Thinking/Professional Decision-Making code to each test question in the areas of Clinical Management, Legal and Ethical Responsibility, or Managerial Responsibilities, to allow students to analyze their performance in these skill areas.
    • Provides rationales for all answer options to explain why the correct answer is right and the other choices are wrong.
    • Provides a choice of content-specific or comprehensive exams to give students manageable study choices.
    • Furnishes tips on preparing and studying for the NCLEX-RN exam to reduce students' test anxiety.
  • CD-ROM
    • Packaged together with the book to give students opportunities to practice test questions in a computerized format.
    • Gives students the option to answer questions in a review mode (with answers and rationales) or a test mode to give students a choice between study or self-test sessions.
    • Provides a printout of test performance in each question category to give students feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • BOOK
    • The number of review questions has been increased to 5,000 in order to give students ample practice.
    • Follows the latest National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) test plan so students can answer test questions containing the mix of nursing content found on the NCLEX-RN exam.
    • Includes a mixture of questions in alternate formats to parallel the latest changes in the NCLEX-RN exam.
    • A new category of test questions in the areas of Clinical Management, Legal and Ethical Responsibility, and Managerial Responsibilities has been added to give students study and practice opportunities in these skill areas.
  • CD-ROM
    • Adds all test questions from the book to the additional questions on the CD-ROM so students can review over 5,000 questions on their computer.
    • Provides alternate test items in a computerized format to parallel the NCLEX-RN exam.
    • Allows questions to be sorted by Nursing Process, Client Need, Clinical Area, and Critical Thinking categories to give students focused study options

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