Heart Of Stone (Harlequin Special Edition)

Authors: Diana Palmer
Publisher: Silhouette
Keywords: special, harlequin, stone, heart
Pages: 224
Published: 2008-09-01
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373249217     ISBN-13: 9780373249213
Binding: Mass Marke (Special)
List Price: 4.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Boone Sinclair is a hallmark Diana Palmer hero: tall, strong and handsome. A businessman and a rancher, Boone had it all—except for Keely Welsh. The first time he spotted her on his property, he was determined not to let her get away from him. The lovely beauty would be his.…

Every Long, Tall Texan gets his woman, and this one would not be denied.

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